About Us

Welcome to PPC Video, you are here at our about page and that means you will be able to know more about us! Actually, it’s just about me because I’m a solo owner of this website. My name is Jack Hellington and I am a video editing professional. I am creating videos editing for wedding, birthdays and many other special events. In addition, video editing is my hobby, my love and my life.

What is PPC Video? This is a website about video editing, video editing software and video editing tips and tricks. If there’s anything related to video anything, you name it and it will appear in here. You will find nothing but video editing here and there, video editing related posts, video editing related links and video editing related comments and items.

If you want to have a deeper explanation, then let me give that to you. Video editing is a crucial thing, especially if you are working for a filming company. Therefore, you need to practice more and practice a lot in order to become a successful video editor. In addition to that, getting the right video editing software is one of the most fundamental aspects of video editing along with a powerful computer rig in order to carry out the task without any slowdowns and interruptions.

That makes us to the point as to what this website will present to you. We will share tips and tricks about making video editing a successful feat for you, whether it’s for your work, school, or hobby, we are here to help you out.