A Cheap Way to Host Large Videos: VPS

A Cheap Way to Host Large Videos: VPS

If you have a brewing business trying to penetrate the World Wide Web, it is okay to choose a shared hosting site since other servers are quite expensive, thus, will require a huge amount of budget. However, once you have executed proper marketing strategies to improve your website’s traffic and revenue, eventually, a shared hosting server may not be able to handle the amount of people visiting your website.

To give you an idea of a possible problem that you may encounter when you are using shared hosting, here’s a scenario. You created a very good video content and it went viral. You get thousands of visitors viewing and sharing your website content. Unfortunately, as the number of views increase, your website host may not be able to sustain the increased traffic, thus, people who are viewing your website may experience slow loading time or possible error messages such as reached bandwidth.  So in order to maintain your website, switching to a dedicated server or VPS will work best for your website to support all your needs.

Unfortunately, a dedicated server is very expensive, thus, it is only ideal for websites that really receive enormous traffic on a regular basis. If you have not built your website in that way yet, you can choose a more affordable option – a cheap windows virtual private server. It can support your website’s functions without spending a lot of dollars.

A cheap Windows VPS can handle your uploaded videos and let the users view all these without any probable downtime. Alternatively you can opt for a cheap SSD VPS. You can also find diverse plans, thus, you can manage your expenses yet. You will not need to spend a lot of money and waste the other spaces dedicated for your website because you do not really need all these.

So to sum it all up, if your website uses shared hosting and you have finally reached the allowable limit, switch to VPS for a cheaps window virtual private server. As your website’s traffic increases, your chosen VPS is guaranteed upgradable, thus, you won’t need to switch to another server instantly. Cheap Windows VPS also has available VDN offered at reasonable rates, from $80 to $100 – something that you may not be able to get from other dedicated server providers.


If you think your website is now ready to let go of shared hosting, make sure that you choose the right server provider so that your website will be at its best condition at all times.

Video Editing for Beginners

Video Editing for Beginners

If you want to dive into the video editing world, then you must know something first. Well, you always need to know something first before delving into anything-new right. Things like jargons, tools, terminologies, etc. are essential if you want to learn video editing, especially if you are going to pursue it as a career. So what are you waiting for? Let’s head right in and see what needs to know first!

In this post, we’ll not teach you how to edit a video right away, instead, we’ll have some sort of fundamentals, the things that you need to know, or if you prefer, an introduction. Don’t worry because this won’t be lengthy. Let’s start with the tools.

The Tools

If you want to do video editing, make sure you have the right tools. What are the typical tools a video editor does have? Most of the time, a novice video editor do have a camcorder, a laptop and/or desktop and a video editing software. Before everything else, make sure that your camcorder and desktop/laptop must have a FireWire (IEEE 1394) connection. It’s just as if plugging in a USB cord from your camcorder to the computer/laptop and most devices comes with it.

The Concepts

Capture is the process of moving your video files from your camcorder to the computer. In order to do this, you might need to have enough hard disk space. A typical half-hour video can take up to 10GB of space. If you have a software like Adobe Premiere, you can take the footage shot by shot.

After the capture process, there will be AVI for PC and MOV for Mac files that will be created. These are the video files that you can work on. Typically, three minutes of footage can consume a gigabyte of storage.

Shots are the parts of the video that you are going to use. Let’s use this example, where a 15-second scene is split into three shots, 3 second shot for jumping, 5 second shot for dunking the ball and 7 second shot for landing from the dunk and running back.

Once you found the shots, you can arrange them in a timeline to place them in a proper order and hook them together. Now, you know the three basic concepts, the capture, the shot and the timeline.

The Software

There’s a lot of software that you can use to edit your video and one of the best and most popular especially for beginners is the Adobe Premier. There are other professional and more advanced alternative mentioned in an earlier post we did.

Final Thoughts

In order to become a video editor, you need to have the tools, the concepts and the software. With all three of these, you can start paving your way to becoming a video editor.

Top Video Editing Software

Top Video Editing Software

If you are looking for a great video editing software, chances are that you are already getting confused what video editing software you should choose. Different video editing software has different capabilities and you should pick the one that suits to your needs. In addition to that, different software has their own strengths and weaknesses as well as pros and cons so you better do your research first. And if you think that video editing is only a Hollywood thing, think again! You might need to edit a family video, a school project or any other things, so you might as well purchase one for yourself. Nevertheless, here is some of the best video editing software that you can add to your arsenal.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Combining excellent user interface and the ability to upload videos to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo and Box directly, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is one of the best video editing software. Of course, it doesn’t makes it best by the looks and upload feature alone, it also has a lot of features. This is a great video editing software especially for beginners. Price is $115.

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra

Simple interface and power-user features, CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra is one of the best among the finest. With its transition designer and title designer tools, video editors have better control over their projects. The rendering performance is lightning speed, which makes your project finish faster. Price starts at $70.

AVS Video Editor

If you’re editing a video for storage on a disc or DVD, this could be one of the best choices because of its packed features. What more can you ask for from 670 transitions and effects, 46 text options and 34 templates for disc menus? Moreover, it’s simple to use and easily customizable, heck you can even just drag and drop the desired effect into place and fire it up. Price starts at $59.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

This is probably one of the best software for beginners and it’s one of the software created by one of the design software giant, Adobe. This newbie-friendly Adobe Premier Elements are used not only in professional environments but on schools too and thus, it can be the easiest to learn, add to it the hundreds of resources to find online. There are different modes available and you can try the expert mode once you get the hang of things. As for the feature, do you still need to ask that? I mean Adobe is behind the most popular designing tools and therefore, this one will have a lot of features under its sleeve. Price starts at $65.

iMovie 11

Yes, I know you know it’s for Mac users. It’s very simple, has drag and drop functionality and makes cropping very easy. For you, Mac users who just want a simple and straightforward video editing tool, this one are for you.